Company and Mission


SP.PROJECT – Estudos e Projetos Ltda, is a private limited company, with his headquarters in São Paulo. Our main activity is the preparation of studies and projects in the area of ​​Foundations and Structural Engineering. Created in 2011, it is owned mostly by two companies with a great engineering tradition in Portugal, they are TAL PROJECTO – Projectos, Estudos e Serviços de Engenharia Lda and Safre SGPS group.

Eng. Francisco Cima Gomes and a group of highly specialized and experienced engineers, including Engineer Tiago Abecasis, lead TAL Projecto. It is a company specially dedicated to the development of projects in the area of foundations and special structures, for large-scale constructions.

The Safre SGPS group, managed by Eng. Paulo Freire, essentially develops foundation and structural projects for buildings, and usually takes on the coordination of multidisciplinary engineering teams, activities normally associated with works of great architectural prestige.

Due to the combination of experience and synergy of the associates, SP.PROJECT, from the beginning of its activities, has always demonstrated the capacity to act in a very diverse field of constructions. Indeed, we have had the opportunity to do so, as you can see in our portfolio.

Who knows us, knows that we developed all our work in a professional, personalized and committed way. We do not have the habit of leaving anything to chance. Our goal is always to ensure the completion of our projects with the end of the constructions.

Another differential and undeniable source of enrichment comes from the contact of our technicians with different technical-professional, cultural and constructive realities that has been provided by works in countries of five continents. We have already developed and monitored the execution of construction projects in countries as Brazil, Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, Libya, Morocco, Spain, Great Britain, Germany, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Macao and even Australia.