Sao Paulo International Airport - TPS3

Guarulhos, SP



Guarulhos, SP







The new Passenger Terminal of São Paulo International Airport, built by OAS, covers a gross area of ​​60,000m2 in which two main buildings (Processor and Finger) and other smaller buildings are integrated.
The Processor is the highest volume built. It houses the check-in lobby, the luggage room, the VIP lounges, the baggage handling areas, the ample shopping areas as the circulation spaces and resting areas.
At the Finger, there are waiting rooms at the boarding gates, the arrivals and departures corridors along with all support services.
Other relevant constructions included in this set are the boarding and landing walkways, adjacent to the Finger, the access viaduct to the Processor (which it's cover to protect from the sun and rain), the connection body between the Finger and the Processor, the Building Garage (EDG1) and the pedestrian access bridges between it and the Processor.
SP.PROJECT was responsible for detailing the executive projects of most of the metal structures and for the executive project of a small portion of reinforced concrete structures that make up this project, namely:
- The roofs of the two terminal buildings - Processor and Finger;
- The metal structures of the 10 walkways that connect the Finger to the docking bridges, and their facades;
- Passarela Building (EDP1);
- The walkways connecting the Garage Building to the Processor;
- The roof of the access viaduct to the TPS3 boarding area;
- The roof between the R-S axes;
- The roof of the connection between the Finger and the Processor;
- The metallic suport structures of the interior and exterior Totens;
- The Metalic stairs;
- The Panoramic Elevators;
- The Helix access ramp to the VIP area;
- The support structure of the lateral flowerpots attached to the access viaduct;
- The secondary metal structures for fixing roof coverings;
- The shovel adjacent to axe 28.

The weight of all the detailed metal structures reaches about 5.100 tons.